How to Make an AI Chatbot and Make Money Without Any Coding Skills.

AI chatbots can help your business expand by turning website visitors into paying clients. AI virtual agent developed utilizing the information on your website. Now question will arise How to make an AI chatbot without coding skills? Therefore, We will use chatsimple to create AI chatbots. See what chatsimple is and how it functions below.

A powerful maker of AI chatbots for commercial expansion is ChatSimple. It works well for attracting potential clients. Without having any coding knowledge, you can create your unique bots. You may train your chatbot in 175 languages with ChatSimple. For your website, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, you may create chatbots. I’ll describe how to create a chatbot on in this article.

Let’s create a Chatbot in just 3 minutes.

Step 1: AI bot creation.

Here’s how to create a bot:

  1. Sign up for free on
  2. Create a chatbot
  3. Add a link.
  4. Provide name and other details, then fetch.

Step 2: Testing

Write questions you wanna ask related to the website you uploaded.
Add multiple questions and get thorough answers.

Step 3: Appearance

Here’s how to edit your chatbot:

Upload custom images (format: PNG, JPEG)
Change the Name.
Color pattern and more.

Now Let’s talk about the Pricing of

They have 4 Plans i.e. Trial, Starter, Pro, and Elite. You can see below.

how to make an ai chatbot

How can chatbots be used to make money?

You can advertise your service and make money on websites like X, LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr. Or, if you include it on your website, it will increase your company’s profits by ten times.

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